Patient Spotlight

Patient Spotlight

HHM Health serves thousands of patients each year. With this new Patient Spotlight series, we are showcasing who those patients are. 

Meet Victor!

Seven years ago, Victor heard about HHM Health through a friend and, not having insurance himself, he decided to enroll. Since that time, he has become an active donor in addition to being a patient.
After being treated by the HHM medical team for stroke symptoms, among other ailments, Victor says it is the “kindness, professionalism and courtesy” of the staff that moved him to become a donor.
Now, because of the medical care he’s received at HHM Health, Victor is able to work four days a week at Luby’s, taking his earnings and using them to give back to those who have helped him.
We are honored to serve Victor, and every other patient that walks through our doors.

Meet Hope!

 Hope came to HHM Health more than 6 years ago to deliver her first daughter, Saia. After this experience, Hope made sure that her other three daughters, Joia, Sanai, and Joli would be delivered with HHM as well. Hope, mentioning  members of our Women’s Health Center by name, called the staff her extended family. 

After experiencing the empathy and compassion of our staff, Hope made sure that she and her girls continue coming to HHM Health. According to Hope, they would not go anywhere else for healthcare, saying, “Healing Hands is a blessing to all the patients it serves.”


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