Our History

Healing Hands Ministries was founded to provide compassionate, accessible, quality medical care to the Dallas community. As a nurse, Founder Janna Gardner understood the critical difference that high quality medical care can make in the life of a person: between life and death, or employment and disability. 

Healing Hands Ministries is a patient-focused community health center capable of caring for a patient from birth to the end of their life.  Healing Hands Ministries is empowering health by improving access and delivery of healthcare, providing education to help maintain improved lifestyles and inspiring others to take responsibility for their own health.

Today, Healing Hands Ministries has rebranded to HHM Health, beginning an exciting new chapter of expansion and growth.

Janna Gardner

Healing Hands Ministries is founded to provide compassionate, accessible, quality medical care to the Dallas community.

Healing Hands Ministries received it's 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Healing Hands Ministries opens on Skillman Ave. and serves 250 patients in our first year with all volunteer doctors.

Healing Hands Ministries opened our Dental Practice, expanding our Medical Home to serve our community even further.

Healing Hands Ministries opened its second location, a Family Practice in the heart of the Vickery Meadow neighborhood, which served over 4,200 patients in the first year of opening.

Healing Hands Ministries becomes a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC).

Healing Hands Ministries opens its Women's Health Center and Pediatric Health Center, serving over 11,500 patients.

Healing Hands Ministries served over 20,000 patients and delivered more than 500 newborns.

Healing Hands Ministries launches vision services, opening the Rosewood Foundation Vision Center providing eyecare, including vision correction and chronic disease management, for our uninsured and underinsured patients.

Healing Hands Ministries rebrands itself, taking on a new logo and name, HHM Health. The word "Health" being added to the title to make our services more easily identifiable.

HHM Health